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Hin Channiroth (ហ៊ិន ច័ន្ទនីរ័ត្ន) - Freshie Girl Number 1 in 2007

Hin Channiroth (ហ៊ិន ច័ន្ទនីរ័ត្ន) was a Freshie Girl number 1 of Shengha Light Contest in 2007 made by channel 3.

Hin Channiroth's (ហ៊ិន ច័ន្ទនីរ័ត្ន) Profile:
Name: Hin Channiroth (Hin Chanmoniroth) | Khmer Name: ហ៊ិន ច័ន្ទនីរ័ត្ន | Birthday: April 15, 1990 | Hight: 1.60m | Weight: 45Kg | Born Place: Phnom Penh, Cambodia | Become a Star: 2007 | Professional: MC, Actress and Model.

Below is the image gallery of our beautiful Khmer star  Hin Channiroth. She is a famous star with beautiful smile. She is a MC at CTN in the Cha Cha program.

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