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An Yi Xuan - Chinese super star

In real life, An is known to be outgoing and generous, with a "straightforward" personality, and surrounded by a group of friends from both inside and outside of the entertainment industry. She rarely talks about her family, but has revealed to Appledaily that she was raised in a single-parent family. She expressed that she did not have a happy childhood. Her parents divorced when she was four, and both her parents remarried. She and her mother stopped seeing each other when she was still young, and she was raised in a strict manner by her father and stepmother.

An Yi Xuan's Profile:
Name: An Yi Hsuan (An Yi Xuan) / 安以軒 (安以轩) | English name: Ady (Audrey) An / Ann An | Chinese name: 安以軒 (Traditional) | Chinese name: 安以轩 Simplified) | Vietnamese name: Ady | Real name: 吳玟靜 (吴玟静) / Wu Wen Ching (Wu Wen Jing) | Other Name: 娃娃 / Wa Wa / Doll / 軒軒 (轩轩) / Xuan Xuan / 安公主 / Princess An | Profession: Actress and singer | Birthdate: September 29, 1980 | Birthplace: Taipei, Taiwan | Ethnicity: Han | Ancestry: Hui'an, Fujian, China | Height: 165cm
Weight: 43kg | Star sign: Libra | Chinese zodiac: Monkey | Blood type: O | Family: Cousin/actress Wan Wei Qiao | Talent agency: H.Brothers | Star Sign: Libra | Hobbies: Watching TV, go shopping, and theater

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