Hin Channiroth (ហ៊ិន ច័ន្ទនីរ័ត្ន) was a Freshie Girl number 1 of Shengha Light Contest in 2007 made by channel 3.

Hin Channiroth's (ហ៊ិន ច័ន្ទនីរ័ត្ន) Profile:
Name: Hin Channiroth (Hin Chanmoniroth) | Khmer Name: ហ៊ិន ច័ន្ទនីរ័ត្ន | Birthday: April 15, 1990 | Hight: 1.60m | Weight: 45Kg | Born Place: Phnom Penh, Cambodia | Become a Star: 2007 | Professional: MC, Actress and Model.

Below is the image gallery of our beautiful Khmer star  Hin Channiroth. She is a famous star with beautiful smile. She is a MC at CTN in the Cha Cha program.

DJ Aliya (ឌីជេ អារីយ៉ា) photo shows the artistic gesture in the middle of the forest. Located in traditional clothes Skirt Sung and Chom Pung September Aliya white Sroem Bend pen And Anthony novels released tree sensitive Including solar light Attracts visitors Predicted that Dancer In the middle of the forest.

10 photos are arranged and recorded by Mr Sarath. Entertainment, today we will show photos of 10 cards this follows. And do not forget to suggest down!

Chub Sreypov - Cambodian Freshie Girl 2013

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Chorn Chanleakhena was born in 1979. She is started first movie in 1995, In 1997 got married with another Khmer Actor Yuthara Chhany.

Chub Sreypov - Cambodian Freshie Girl 2013

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Mrs Chorn Chan Leakhena "ចន ច័ន្ទលក្ខណា" is Super model of Cambodia with "Cambodia Super Model" groub. She has married with Mr Yuthara Chany "យុត្ថារ៉ា ឆានី " on 1997 and now this couple has a daughter name Ny Chenda Joly "នី ចិន្តា ជូលី".

Singer Bun Phailin (​ប៊ុន ផៃ​លីន), who recently broke up with a married high-ranking officer, said that she intends to bare more skin on-screen in an attempt to punish him.

The 25-year-old garment worker-turned-singer revealed that she once promised her ex that she would give up dressing provocatively. But now she has finished with him she wants to flaunt her flesh.

“I show off the sexy side of me not because I want to win the title ‘The Most Sexy Star’ in Cambodia. Actually, I want to hurt my ex who caused so much pain to me. He did not want me to dress sexy, so I will do anything just to be the sexiest woman.”

But the singer claimed that love is far from her thoughts now.

“I don’t want to be in a relationship again after experiencing a heart-breaking moment. It hurt a lot. I don’t want to think about love now.”

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